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Greetings all,

Some of you may have noticed that I no longer visit this joint nor do I update very often.
That is because I have moved on.
DA served me well for many years, but I decided to wander off in search of other places for my work to be seen and so forth.

Therefore; if any of you wish to continue following my work, you may do so via the following links.

(And thank you all sincerely for following me to begin with...)

WEBSITE: (We Hate Reality is my new project where all of my film, gaming and other interests live. Head on over.)
TUMBLR: thewrongsideoftheborder.tumblr…
INSTAGRAM: cabinetminister

Stay tuned, y'all...
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So I finally got around to shooting with my girlfriend, aaaaaaand...I think it turned out very well.

She's an amazing model/fashion designer and she shall be featuring heavily in my future work...
I am VERY fortunate to have her to work with.

Stay tuned, y'all...
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Hear ye!
Hear ye!
All currently outstanding commissions shall be completed in the new year.
If you are awaiting a piece, then ye shall have it in 2013.
(Feel free to comment if you're a customer and refresh my memory.)

Thank you for your patience.

Stay tuned, y'all...

-Hanque The Cabinet Minister
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Yeah, so I've been uploading a bunch of my Instagram sketches and such...

Follow me on Instagram: cabinetminister

It's a great app.
I love the ease and convenience of being able to snap my artwork, then easily upload it to Tumblr and Facebook like that *snaps fingers*

Very handy indeed.

Upcoming Schedule:

1. Working on a (VERY late) birthday piece for my eldest sister. Stay tuned...
2. Major piece for my girlfriend. Really looking forward to this one, actually... Gonna be something different. I think...
3. Commission piece for a friend. Natalie Portman, I believe... :D (The subject; not the friend. I'm not friends with Natalie Portman. Yet.)
4. More skateboard deck pieces. They'll be up for sale on Facebook. Or contact me here if you're interested...

A rather varied menu, folks...
Pull up a chair and dig in.

Adios for now.
-Hanque The Cabinet Minister.
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Greetings to all,

I just uploaded the shots I took at a gig for my amigo's band.

However, that'll probably be the last round of photography I do for quite a while.

It just takes too long to process/edit them and that takes valuable time away from my sketchbook.
I don't like that.
I never claimed to be Johnny Snapshot and it's time for me to return to my pencil and pages.

Many thanks to the bands and the models who've been a part of this chapter.

So yeah, I'll be finishing off some final little photo tasks here and there, but then I shall be closing the door on my straight-up photography.

After that, my photos may only ever appear as jigsaw pieces in my main artwork, in some hybrid form or another (like backgrounds and so forth, for example)

Stay tuned, y'all...

-Hanque the Cabinet Minister
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Finally finished a piece of artwork for a friend of mine.
A piece that I promised him...about 8 years ago.

Life passes by, clocks keep ticking and distractions consistently try to derail ones focus.

But I'm a man of my word.
The train may be VERY late, but I damn well got it to its destination, yo.

It'll be up here after I deliver it to him.

Stay tuned, y'all...

-Hanque the Cabinet Minister
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Did a test shoot last night and it was painfully clear that I need a new camera in 2012.

My current click-machine does not like the darkness.
It needs proper light to cough up solid results.
This will not do, folks.
I need to be able to work in the dark as well. I needs to have all bases covered.

So that's another purchase for the new year...

Live and learn.
No harm. No foul.

Stay tuned, y'all...
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Finally had a proper shoot.
Finally found a model who isn't all talk.
Finally got the opportunity to test these waters and see if I would sink or swim.

Many thanks must be thrown at Ash Grant for working with me, and working with me well.
High praise, indeed.

So enjoy the shots and shoot any thoughts and compliments at Miss Grant.
Cause without her participation, I'd just be a guy taking pictures in a public garden.
...And you can get arrested for that.

Stay tuned, y'all.

- Hanque the Cabinet Minister.
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Christopher Lloyd signed my Judge Doom piece DAY 11: Judge  Doom by CabinetMinister
Makes me wanna sing 'Shave And A Haircut'...

PICS: thewrongsideoftheborder.tumblr…
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Greetings all,

I've been REALLY busy with life and work lately.
That's no excuse.
I've been a slack bastard.
I apologise.
More regular posts soon. This I vow.
Focus is needed...

On a similarly-tuned note; I got interviewed by Biscuit Magazine.
Head on over and look at it with your eyeballs. They gather information. This information is related to me and the scribbles that I do...


Stay tuned and thanks for watching.

- Hanque the Cabinet Minister.
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Yes, I know I'm behind in my posting, and for that I apologize.
Time is my enemy of late.

I start the 365 Sketchy Days...and then I score a full-time job which then eats up most of my time.
I'm not complaining (because I really wanted a full-time gig), it's just a fact.

So I AM still doing my 365 Sketchy Days, but I may be behind in my posts/updates.
I'll do my daily sketches, but then I'll only upload them here when I get a spare moment.

So you can have faith in the fact that if there's nothing for a while, then that means that I'll upload a bunch all in one hit.

Off to try and complete LA Noire now.
Then more sketches...

Stay tuned, y'all.

-Hanque the Cabinet Minister.
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Greetings all.

I just racked up over 15,000 views in this little corner of mine and I felt like all of the relevant supporters of my work out there deserve some thanks.
So, MANY thanks to all those who have visited my page and also those who keep returning to see what I continue to scribble out.
I really appreciate it, y'all.

I've also decided tonight to start the '365 Sketchy Days'.
One sketch will be coughed up into my gallery each day for a whole year.
Intimidating? Yes.
Interesting? I think so.
This is either gonna be enjoyable...or it'll drive me insane. I welcome both.

Basically, it's a way to keep my edges sharp and stick to a routine of daily practice.
Back when I did my 30 Days Of Photos I really enjoyed it and I was able to stick to the schedule, so I thought I'd apply that structure to my art training and see how that goes.
I also want to be able to keep things nice and loose and not get carried away.
Gotta stay sketchy for this, yo.

Looking forward to it.
The first one will be up soon.

Thanks again, y'all and stay tuned.

- Hanque the Cabinet Minister.
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I love Baby Doll.
Oh yes.

I now have an obligation to create as much fan-art as possible about this remarkable dame.

Stay tuned, y'all...

-Hanque the Cabinet Minister.
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Supanova has attracted FAR more people than it can handle.
It MUST spread into a larger venue.
Massive, surging waves of crowds crushing each other makes photography difficult and soaks the overall experience in fluids, scents and general unpleasantness that no amount of vigorous washing will cleanse you of.

Yes, there was some awesome cosplay on display and I love seeing my ilk converge in one location in order to celebrate our shared love of all things comic, anime, film and game-based.
However, we'd like to gather in COMFORT and with smooth convenience...instead of being squished together until we become a pulsating, gelatinous mass of absorbed humanoids who must accept their collective fate as a quote-groaning hive-mind that hungers for more souls to devour as it thrashes within the confines of its unsuitable, single-roomed prison.

If you build it, we will come, yo.
So hold the next Supanova in a cornfield.
Then Ray Liotta will show up and that'd be awesome.

I'm in the process of uploading the photos I took of various cosplayers, so stay tuned and enjoy.
(If you're the focus of any of the photos, contact me and I'll credit your properly in the notes, yo)

-Hanque the Cabinet Minister

(NOTE-- If I took your photo and you're NOT in my gallery, then I apologize. It's my fault, not yours. Not all of my shots turned out as good as I'd hoped. Your cosplay was still awesome though. :D)
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Gonna be hitting Brisbane Supanova on Saturday the 2nd, y'all.

I was gonna cosplay (for the first time) and wanted to go all out and do it right, but it was working out to be WAY too expensive for just one day's effort.
Then my backup idea was cheaper...but in this weather it'd be way too hot and I'd probably faint. That's no good.

So, I'm just gonna go as a civilian photographer and I'll be taking as many snaps of other cosplayers as I can.
My sis :iconsquareoneimages: will be joining me and she'll be doing the same.

So if we approach you for snaps, then get appropriately theatrical and bust out some sweet poses.

High praise in advance to all y'all cosplayers.
I wish I could've joined in.
Perhaps next year...

Catch y'all at Supanova.

-Hanque The Cabinet Minister.
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Greetings all.

I'm gradually hacking through my block of projects and it's going well.
Not as fast as I'd like, but smooth nonetheless.
I just hate how annoying life nonsense gets in the way of what I should be doing and drains my time like a plump, pulsating Reality Leech.

I need to slay such a beast and make a snappy evening suit from its hide.
"I say, good man, would that crisp attire happen to be leech hide, perchance?", the onlookers would question as I strode through the dining hall; my eyes keenly fixated upon an unsupervised bagel.
"Leech hide it is, sir. Slain by my own hand and tailored to fit my specific physique. Were you to try and wear this 3-piece marvel, you'd look quite the fool. I advise against it. However, I must praise your keen eye. Kudos, old chap."

This gent would then puff up like a proud hen and strut about the place; so inflated would he be by my compliment upon his eye for fashion.
The very same eye that now failed to notice that MY own acute vision had moved from the unsupervised bagel to this gentleman's equally unsupervised and vastly more delicious wife.

I do love an open buffet...


More goodness shall be flowing out from my art bladder in the coming month as I continue to devour this block and convert it into visual treats for all viewers.

Stay tuned....

-Hanque The Cabinet Minister.
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Greetings all.

Sorry for the lack of updates.
I recently got back into gaming after a long, and unwelcome, hiatus.
So yeah, I've just been catching up on a bunch of games that came out during my off-season.
Here's what I've been enjoying:

- SUPER STREET FIGHTER IV (Good times playing my amigo online...and get my ass kicked. :D)
- DEAD SPACE 2 (Love this franchise and had a damn good time, but they need to bring something new to the table for DS3. This one started to feel like a bit of a chore. Still; I enjoyed myself.)
- CASTLEVANIA: LORDS OF SHADOW (Flawless. Loved every second. This is like the best fantasy-horror film that doesn't exist. Easily in my Top 10 favourite games of all time.)

Just started BAYONETTA and that's looking very interesting so far.

But, gotta press PAUSE on the games for the moment and reload my artwork again.
Back to it, y'all...

Stay tuned.

-Hanque The Cabinet Minister.
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He passed away.
This is a massive loss.

He was a huge inspiration of mine and the type of artist who ignites the flames within and makes you sharpen your edge and try harder.
His work was so loose...yet so tight.
Every character he drew looked so limber and agile.
I could only ever dream of doing work half as good as his sketches alone.

It's too dark too think of him as gone, so I choose to focus on his legacy of work and how he'll continue to live on forever within the art he created.
Behold such skill...

My condolences to his family and friends.

Au revoir, monsieur.
Rest in peace.
Greetings all.

I've been hacking away at my MASSIVE, ever-expanding list of projects and trying to bring myself up to date.
Gotta clear out these pieces that are WAY overdue.

Here's the current lineup:

1. Commissioned birthday piece
2. Overdue birthday piece for Frank
3. Becky's portrait
4. Sil's portrait
5. Piece for my brother, Duncan
6. Piece for M-Sis
7. Personal piece
8. King's portrait
9. PA Tribute/Fanart
10. Piece for Ma

So yeah, excuse me for not describing each piece, but I don't wanna spoil it for any of those people on the list who may wander through here.
At least if they do wander through, they'll see that I do have some sort of half-assed blueprint.

Also, this is not my COMPLETE list. The webternet is not expansive enough to contain that massive document. :|
I've just found that if I break things down into 10-part, bite sized chunks; it's FAR more easy to digest and get through.

(I'll also probably slip some other little personal pieces in here and there. Because I get distracted easily and I lack discipline. :P)

Thanks again to those who visit this joint.
Stay tuned, y'all.

-Hanque The Cabinet Minister
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I recently escaped from prison.
I was locked up for being too awesome.
My sister :iconsquareoneimages: documented my escape.
Check it out...

I'm off now to hang with Andy and Red in Zihuatanejo.

-Hanque the Cabinet Minister
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